Nhl 20 be a pro tips

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Nhl 20 be a pro tips

September 29, AM edited September I am a huge fan of the Be A Pro game mode but these last few years have had their problems. I feel you should have more freedom when it comes to attributes, it is offline after all. Also It seems there is not enough things in the game play that help you build your speed up.

I believe it is just beating out an icing call. Post edited by Brandon-asdf on September Moreover, on the harder difficulties the AI players just zip by you, even skating backwards. So it was frustrating to say the least. But like you say, nothing seems to raise them during the game. I haven't tried beating icing call. Your AI doesn't really do such passes because the opposing AI has supernatural puck control and caches most passes anyways. September 29, AM. September 29, PM.

For most of the previous years speed and acceleration were purely aesthetic numbers as they didnt seem to work. There was that magic spot though, I found between that you could blow by anyone. Either way I think in BAP you should be able to choose what stats you start with. If u want to have skills like mcdavid to start your rookie career you should be able to. September 29, PM edited September In which case like Brandon said if you're meant to be 78 overall then as the game knows you selected pick an NHL team, it already knows you aren't playing in the CHL so it should give you stats to reflect that and if they really want you to start in the CHL then don't give us the option to start in the NHL, either way it's not that hard to implement.

October 7, PM edited October I've been saying this to everyone. It's an offline mode so no one can complain about you being so over powered but yet you pretty much have no freedom in regards to what things you're upgrading. Also how can Eichel go from a 75 last year to an 88 but I score 80 goals in the chl as a 72 finishes as a 75 get drafted 10th overall because I wasn't impressive enough then score 60 goals in my rookie season with 70 assists win every award I can and start the next season as a No disrespect to Eichel or McDavid both are great but I'd like to see them have a season like that.

Another thing you better play every single game till you get bored or you won't get any points because you simmer and you're an idiot for not wanting to play all 82 games from 1st period to 20 minutes into the 3rd every game winning 14 - 6 because the ai is so bad you can increase all the goalie sliders and decrease all the sliders for your team but your teammates still score non stop.

After all that you can't get bored because that would be unethical since all games in the nhl usually have 20 goals in each game. So after all that if you did everything right you should want to to do it again because you're gonna waste your life trying to become a That goal of being 99 is only attainable by doing exactly what I said.

Very few have the patience to score goals by your 10th year and remain an 85 overall. In the end you'd better get your hopes up for the next game because it comes out in a week and this time it's gonna be different than the last time cause you wouldn't want to be brainwashed into devoting your life to get a decent rating in nhl Post edited by LeafsandBlues on October October 11, AM.

April 15, AM. I had never problems developing my skills.

nhl 20 be a pro tips

Reply to this topic. Sign In or Register to comment. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!September 19, AM. I know in 17, you automatically went to the NHL no matter on how your performance was.

You have the following 3 options: Start in the Memorial Cup to determine where you get drafted. Start in the NHL and choose which team drafts you. Start in the CHL and you can choose your age 15, 16, 17, Your age determines your starting attributes for example, if you choose 15 your starting attributes are at 53 while at age 17 it's 59 and you start at the beginning of the season. If you choose 15 or 16 for the age, you'll play multiple seasons in the CHL before getting drafted. And, yes you can get demoted just like last year.

Also, you can now request to be traded. Other than that, it's pretty much exactly the same as last year with some minor tweaks to AI, gameplay, etc. Unfortunately, it's the same ridiculously boring grind as before. No story, nothing to keep your interest, takes forever to advance your attributes unless you play every single game the whole gamenothing new, nothing exciting, just blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I wasted a few days starting at age 15 and only playing the 3rd period of about half the games and I advanced from a 53 to a 54 by the end of the season.

Basically, you can't sim anything if you ever want to advance your attributes which unfortunately is really the only possible thing to work towards in this boring grind of a mode.

It's sad really because this mode used to be my favorite mode and could be great but they obviously don't want to put any effort into it. September 19, PM. You can be drafted, then go back to juniors and if you impress enough, work your way to the AHL, then the NHL all in one season. At least this year it takes awhile to make your player good.

Last year was boring being a 95 overall after like 5 seasons. This year you won't be a 90 overall by simming for around 8 NHL seasons or so. A lot more realistic.

IMO, it doesn't matter what your potential overall rating is. It could be 60 or 90 or and this mode would still be less exciting than watching paint dry.June 24, PM. I understand a lot of people play the game for its online features, but for the love of god EA Be a Pro has basically gone untouched since it was introduced in the the NHL franchise.

It is incredibly boring and repetitive. Spice it up. Add in off ice antics. Add in a college route. I know you cant use real college teams in the franchise, but make some up or something. Be able to play Major junior and stay there, or go Jr A and go to college. Add in an emotion to your Pro. Add in rivalries. Add in a real draft. Add in fan interaction or something. Add in practice drills to develop skills rather than just clicking a button that says "sprints" and apparently that is what he does for the week.

If there is any sport in the world that has a "lifestyle" it is hockey. The game mode is so boring in that all you can do is play a game as one player and then do it again over and over and over. Nothing is different.

Be a pro attributes

God forbid you simulate. Or you get demoted to a lower line even if your player produces while simulating. Thank you for the pond hockey mode and the ability to change your hat and sweatshirt though Instead maybe do an actual team practice? To fix BAP, they need to do a few things First, rework the attribute system. It is way too hard to improve your skating attributes Speed, Acceleration, Balance In addition, the discipline attribute is basically an endless pit of despair constantly going down unless you play completely penalty free hockey for randomly determined number of multiple games in a row.

Aggression can't even be increased for some reason? Did I mention goalie BAP is a joke with your reflex category attributes going down if you get scored on even once in a game? Those are only the tip of the iceberg with attributes It's funny though how your player overall is scaled down within the CHL if you make him young enough so he has 2 or 3 years of CHL eligibility.

So why can't it scale up?There are a bunch of options you can choose from, from individual line options to forechecking strategies to power play and penalty kill settings. The settings options have all relatively remained the same over the last few years but they are definitely worth paying attention to.

Below I will breakdown the different options at your disposal. These options will have an impact on all five players forwards and defensemen on the ice and will determine how aggressive or passive you want your players to be while in the offensive zone. You will be able to choose from five different options. I find myself playing mostly on this setting. It feels like this setting allows for a normal NHL-style forecheck and the most realistic gameplay possible.

Full attack is best for when your team is trailing and you need to get some offense going, particularly late in the third period. These settings below apply when your opponent possesses the puck in their defensive zone or in the neutral zone. I play mostly on this setting.

The forecheck feels like this setting allows for a normal NHL-style forecheck and the most realistic gameplay possible.

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Neutral zone strategies will determine how your team sets up when your opponent pushes towards and through the middle of the ice while in possession.

Defensive strategies will determine how your players set up when without the puck in the defensive zone.

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Defensive strategies are crucial to team success, allowing players to be positioned where you want them to best limit scoring chances. While on the power play, you will want to take advantage of the open ice by moving the puck quickly to open scoring lanes. These strategies determine how your players will react when you gain possession of the puck in your defensive end.

So, what strategies is everyone playing on? What strategies should be added or tweaked in the franchise? The current stay-at-home policies have millions looking to fill an abundance of free time that would A new NHL 20 game update is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, fixing some gameplay issues, improved Connect with us. Offensive Pressure These options will have an impact on all five players forwards and defensemen on the ice and will determine how aggressive or passive you want your players to be while in the offensive zone.

Your defensemen will look to jump into the offense more frequently but will still keep their defensive duties in mind. Conservative — This option is the second-most passive setting you can choose from.

NHL 20 Offense Tips - Zone Entry

Your defensemen will sit back just in case the opposition retrieves the puck and starts an attack, but they will still occasionally jump into the play to generate offense.

Defend Lead — This option is the most passive setting you can choose from.

nhl 20 be a pro tips

Full Attack — This option is the most aggressive setting you can select. Your defensemen will focus on generating offensive opportunities and making plays with the sole focus of getting your team on the score sheet. Standard — This option I think is the most common setting.

nhl 20 be a pro tips

Your team will have a balance between aggressive and conservative offensive pressure. Forecheck These settings below apply when your opponent possesses the puck in their defensive zone or in the neutral zone.

How to Earn Trait and Specialty Points in NHL 19 Be a Pro

The other two forwards will support but stay higher up cutting off the ability to head man the puck, while the two defensemen will hold the blue line.Albums Screenshots Videos. Communicate Friends Chalkboard.

Hey again everyone! For those interested, here are the sliders I use right now in NHL As always, I try to get a good mix of fun and realism, with a sloppy gameplay and a lot of loose pucks. I will be making tweaks while I continue playing and I will try to keep this post as updated as possible to reflect the changes I make.

NHL 20: How To Deke Like A Pro

That being said, you should start with it but if it becomes too easy, you may increase CPU Difficulty Adjustment by a few clicks or even try on Superstar difficulty, if necessary. You can play these sliders on 6 to 8 minutes periods, but I suggest you to play 8 minutes if you want to get more realistic stats. Don't be afraid to adjust things to your liking or needs, these sliders are only there as a base.

Have fun! Also, if you find puck control to be an issue for you in general gameplay, feel free to increase it to your liking. Advertisements - Register to remove. I am always playing on your set of sliders and they are always from my point of view, the closest to realistic play on the boards and slopiness.

The gameplay has felt much better with your NHL 19 slider settings, only puck pickups felt a bit "edgy". SoG and other stats looked realistic! You do a great job! Thanks for sharing with us every year! I will test further on and give you feedback. I like NHL 20 so far, gameplay is similar, but also with some differences: Puck control is higher, so I had to increase Skating Impact like Rangi said in the post above. Skating is different, good so far, but still testing it.For the past several years, NHL has played catch-up under the ire of its impassioned community, which felt betrayed by the sloppy conversion to current-gen consoles and lack of meaningful changes.

NHL 19 was the first year in the generation that felt like a meaningful step forward, introducing a much more dynamic skating system, revamping the largely neglected franchise mode, and revamping its multiplayer with a new player upgrade system and some unconventional modes that celebrate the culture of hockey beyond the NHL rink. Sure, we still have plenty of lackluster features and gameplay shortcomings to complain about, but the progress was encouraging.

NHL 20 hopes to continue that forward trajectory with several big changes that enhance the gameplay, presentation, and popular game modes. We covered a lot of ground, so brace yourself for a long read. Here are the biggest changes the team is making for the next hockey season. This applied to the ratings gap, lack of player likenesses, and even their animations. NHL 20 takes a small step in the right direction with the introduction of signature shots for a group of select NHL superstars.

Not every NHL player has a recognizable shot you could pick out of a lineup, but for those that do, expect to see some of these recognizable shots: P. In all, EA plans to have 10 to 15 signature shots in the game when the game launches and hopes to add more moving forward. To fix this, the new system looks at several different contexts such as your distance to the net, whether you are standing or moving, how much time you have to get off a shot, whether you are receiving a pass or already in possession before it assigns the shot animation.

During our hands-on time, this was the most immediately notable change.

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Shots taken by snipers had more snapping power, and the players reacted in a variety of new ways to get shots off. Sometimes they drop to their knee to get off a one-timer. The hope is this eliminates the warping or bad shot selection altogether. Ho also says the changes give you a greater variety of backhand attempts.

You need more leverage and power to pull off lunging backhands the further you are away from the net, whereas up close you just need the room to get the wrist movement necessary to raise the roof for a top-shelf snipe.

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Like in real life, the goaltenders are a constant target for criticism and derision in the NHL games. The most vexing problems netminders have faced in recent years include letting low-percentage wafflers in from the half-wall and not being able to locate trickling pucks underneath them. EA has a few tricks up its sleeves to turn these sieves into steady shot savers.

NHL 20 introduces new save animations for goalies to cover a wider range of shots.

nhl 20 be a pro tips

New glove saves should cut down on the number of soft shots and passes that slip past the netminders, and to prevent those cheap rebounds and secondary chances from ending up in the back of the net, EA introduces chest covers and more deliberate freezes.

Ho says goalies are also better at identifying secondary threats. If a shot is coming in from one side and another forward is moving into position for a rebound, the goalie will take note of the second attacker and deliberately redirect the puck into a corner and out of danger using their stick or blocker, where the defender has a better chance of gaining possession. But what about all those annoying own goals A.

Year in and year out, players curse the frustrating puck pickup logic in the NHL games. Though the EA Vancouver team has made some tweaks to improve it over the years, it still has work to do. The new InMotion tech takes the RPM skating system from last year and adds more contextual body animations for passing, shooting, and picking up the puck without having to break your stride or revert to a glide to perform these actions. In NHL 20, RPM tech is used to blend precise upper body moves with explosive lower-body skating resulting in playmaking and executing at full speed just like NHL superstars.

Players charged into headman passes without losing momentum similar to wingers catching up to through balls in FIFA. If this change carries through, we may see a lot more breakaway opportunities when players get a leg on defenders coming through the neutral zone.Where do you start? How do you get the most out of it all? Second: take heed of our top ten hints, which will fast-track you in the ways of all things virtual hockey.

There are loads of improvements to shooting in NHL 20, and one-timers benefit most. You can pull off highly creative pass-and-shoot maneuvers in the offensive zone, including rapid slapshots and devastating cross-crease plays. To perform these effectively, you want to pass sideways or diagonally to an open teammate, and then shoot before the puck reaches their stick. To succeed, you need to blend outstanding puck control skills with a serious degree of patience. Try to avoid going for big hits too often.

Instead, use smart stick-checking to force players away from the net, and when in control of the puck, focus on quick turns to fool opponents and create a path to goal. Bide your time and wait for the perfect opportunity, and when a path emerges, perform close-up dekes against the goalie for the best chance of scoring.

When retreating into the defensive zone, players often resort to spamming the poke check button, but like last year, doing so often results in taking tripping penalties. Analyse the situation before going for the poke check. Is the puck within reach? Are you at significant risk of a trip?

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A slight nudge or well-positioned block can do as effective a job as a poke check, and you avoid the penalty box in the process. Coaches are the biggest new addition to Franchise Mode and they alter your team in a variety of ways. Their inclusion means you can no longer just focus on players with the highest overalls, but how effectively they fit into your strategies too. When signing new players, make sure they align with these requirements, or you might need to think about hiring new staff.

The new shooting enhancements in NHL 20 make defensive positioning more important than ever. As a result, try to avoid over-committing on your hits, as this quickly becomes predictable and easy to avoid for skilled players.


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